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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

The Real World

Mar 30–May 18, 2008

Andreas Neumeister (born 1959, Starnberg) is a Munich-based writer and recently published Könnte Köln Sein (Suhrkamp, 2008). Neumeister regularly incorporates the idea of the visual in his literary work. His slide-archive Three Letter Words/Da Real World (1996-ongoing), navigates through the ubiquitous horizon of acronyms saturating our life-worlds.

Sean Snyder (born 1972, Virginia Beach): Visual media, of which television is the most established, common and vivid, inundates us with a steady flow of images, which overlap with or even displace reality. Using this premise as a starting point, Sean Snyder analyzes with Schema (Television) (2007) ways in which we consume within the torrent of image production. Schema (Television) has been produced using a satellite television and consumer editing software. Its material, composed and commented on by inter-titles, is broadly thematic: from minimal static signals to news footage, weather reports, game shows, and culinary programs. The editing technique references both the remote control ease of switching channels and the montage model of Dziga Vertov’s newsreels.

Wolfgang Tillmans (born 1968, Remscheid) developed iconic images that eschewed the gloss of his contemporaries in the fashion industry, subverting notions of beauty and sexuality. Shay IV (2002) was taken in Tel Aviv and presents an encounter between an Israeli Soldier and the artist.

Ludlow 38 will host an opening reception on Saturday, March 29, 7–9pm. Later in the evening, there will be an after-party with DJs Princess Julia and Lovely Jonjo, London, at another location (tba at the opening).