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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

publish and be damned

Feb 9–Mar 23, 2008

The inaugural exhibition publish and be damned is a public library consisting of over 300 international publications, assembled since 2004 by the British curators Emily Pethick (Director The Showroom, London), Kit Hammonds (Curator, South London Gallery), and Sarah McCrory (curator).

This archive of contemporary DIY fanzines is probably the largest of its kind in the world, containing fanzines such as Ziggy, Zowie, Blondiak, Dark Star, Useless; magazines such as Control, Pablo internacional, Inventory; critical journals like Dot Dot Dot, Copenhagen Free University/Infopool, Metronome, Anarchitektur, Fucking Good Art; plus glossy periodicals such as CRASH!, Re-Magazine, and video and cassette editions including Audio Theory and Audio Arts; radio plays and Independent Record Labels such as Another Album and Junior Aspirin.

These fanzines, all of which operate more or less outside the commercial and institutional mainstream, have been brought together in this archive to document their individual and experimental approach in production and distribution. The library comprises self-published works by authors, musicians and theorists as well as artists such as Jeremy Deller, Scott King, Pablo Bronstein, Raymond Pettibon, Spartacus Chetwynd, Nils Norman, Stephan Dillemuth, Stephan Willats, Cathy Lomax, Eleanor Brown, Aline Bouvy, Sonia Dermience, Meeuw Muzak, and many others. publish and be damned is also the title of this year’s 4th international fair of self-publishers happening in London this summer.