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In Perspective: MINI/Goethe-Institut Curatorial Residencies Ludlow 38 (2011–2019)

Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

Screening by Tan Lin

Mar 31, 2012

Tan Lin presents two Powerpoint works, Bibliographic Sound Track and The Ph.D sounds (both 2012), with a sound piece by Mösco dj and followed by a brief discussion with Clara Meister.

Lin’s works explore different communications platforms such as Twitter, SMS, programming languages, and the couplet, and their effects on reading and genre.

Tan Lin is the author of more than ten books, including Heath (Plagiarism/Outsource) (2007) and 7 Controlled Vocabularies and Obituary 2004. The Joy of Cooking (2010). His work has appeared in numerous publications including Artforum, Cabinet, and The New York Times Book Review.

Organized by Clara Meister



Screening Tan Lin Screening Tan Lin Screening Tan Lin Screening Tan Lin