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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

Protektorama—The World Healing Witch

Apr 23, 2014

Protektorama–The World Healing Witch organizes an ‘Organic Light Emitting Processiorama’ (OLEP) into New York’s spheres of lights, signs, and signals. Equipped with a folky-futurist world healing carpet and her cheat-sheet walking-sticks, the spiritual materialist WorldWideWitch leads the attending congregation through a public preaching of her central thesis: humankind is possessed by the abstract principles of capital, and thereby has rendered itself to be a prosthesis of its own digital devices. Protektorama’s first pop-up ‘neo-akhara’ is part of a new age of attacks against the ghostly empire of the capitalist relations of production and their mega-info commodity streams.

Please note: It is essential that parishioners bring their own headphones to participate in Protektorama’s world healing ritual.


Biltmore Building
271 West 47th Street
(corner of West 47th Street and 8th Avenue)