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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

Fruits of One’s Labor Events

Jul 8–15, 2010

Thursday July 15, 3pm
Museum of American Finance
48 Wall Street

This event at the Museum of American Finance examines the culture and various symbolisms of the financial system and gives participants the chance to discuss ideas of currency value, money circulation, share trading, and the credit crisis within a former market place. Founded in 1988 and housed in the former Bank of New York headquarters, the museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution. A tour of highlights in the permanent exhibition of the museum will be led by Leena Akhtar, the curator of the museum.

Thursday, July 8, 7pm
Goethe-Institut Wyoming Building
5 East 3rd Street

I Know It When I See It: Financial Reform and Proprietary Trading
By Robert Wosnitzer, PhD candidate, Media Culture & Communication, New York University, and research fellow, Cultures of Finance, Institute for Public Knowledge

This talk will address the question of how financial reform legislation is framed, and how that frame might be imagined to perform the market.

Cultural Economies
Discussion with Jackie McAllister and Axel John Wieder

Jackie McAllister is an artist and writer, living and working in New York. Axel John Wieder is the artistic director of Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. This part of the evening will discuss the work of the New York-based collective Art Club 2000 and Berlin-based initiatives from the early 1990s that investigated the changing relationship between art and economy. The two cities Berlin and New York will be used to discuss cultural economies within the changing urban landscape and the post-Fordist condition.