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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

Mohammadreza Farzad’s “Into Thin Air”, screening and artist talk

Mar 6, 2016

Courtesy the artist and Arsenal Distribution

Mohammadreza Farzad—Into Thin Air

2010, 26 mins

B. 1978, Tehran, Iran. Lives and works in Tehran, Iran

The filmmaker’s month and year of birth represent the point of departure for Into Thin Air. The film dissects a very short sequence of archival film footage of the bloody “Black Friday” massacre. On September 8, 1978 a demonstration on Tehran’s Jaleh Square was brutally crushed by the army and marks a decisive moment for the Iranian Revolution. In trying to read the moving images, Mohammadreza Farzad investigates the identity of anonymous protestors, the nature of documentary film material, and his own position in this context.


Followed by an artist talk with Mohammadreza Farzad