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Ludlow 38

Ludlow 38

Friends of the Fine Arts present Drawing Circle

Nov 22, 2009

The live-drawing circle Friends of the Fine Arts plays off the renewed interest in painting and aesthetic experience by both pointing to a traditional approach and transcending it in its format. All 15 or so members of Friends of the Fine Arts are practicing artists coming from a wide variety of artistic backgrounds and working with media as diverse as sculpture, dance, writing, music, video, and painting. When it comes to rendering the figure, skill levels vary widely, from a high level of accomplishment to absolute beginners. Friends of the Fine Arts aspire to skill-sharing; however, learning is transmitted equally between all members of the group—the vast difference in experience does not dictate who learns from whom. In this collective experience, the products are more than just the drawings produced.

The exhibition Friedl Kubelka, Gerard Byrne, Ricardo Basbaum at Ludlow 38 introduces a group of works that are equally concerned with the idea of portraits as a means of capturing a moment in time as well as the functionality of affective relationality. Thus the drawing circle organized by Ulrike Müller and Celeste Dupuy-Spencer is an extension of the exhibition through the means of a performance workshop.

Friends of the Fine Arts present Drawing Circle is the second workshop for this exhibition after Ricardo Basbaum’s Me–You: Choreographies, Games and Exercises, which took place at Ludlow 38 on October 31.

All are welcome.


Organized by Ulrike Müller and Celeste Dupuy-Spencer